Little boy pointing a gun

First Graders Find And Handle Gun Meant To Protect Against School Shootings

Today in things that were definitely going to happen eventually, two first-grade children found and picked up a handgun that was part of an Ohio school’s program to train teachers to take out would-be school shooters who probably have assault rifles.

Transportation director Vicky Nelson reportedly left the gun in an unlocked case along with two first graders when she left her office to go to the bathroom. She was surprised to find it out of the case and sitting on her desk when she got back.

“I’m assuming that the child picked up the gun from behind the desk and had been holding it,” said Superintendent Dan Freund. Yes, we’re all assuming that.

If the fact that two little kids got ahold of a gun in a school isn’t alarming enough, this incident actually happened back in March. The reason we’re only learning about this now is that schools with these Rambo teacher programs aren’t required to reveal these kinds of incidents to the public, or even to the police. Morrow County Sheriff John L. Hinton had to find out about this one through a Facebook post.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, school boards are required to “adopt safety plans and policies in a public session,” but they do not have to report on “details about firearm use” or even announce that they’re adopting in-school gun programs. Ohio school districts have apparently been starting these programs “in secret.”

Meanwhile, exactly no one is surprised that some kids got their hands on a gun in one of these schools.

Nelson has reportedly been removed from the school’s firearm program and was suspended for three days. That should fix the problem, right?