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Parents Applaud Mom’s List Of 27 Things She Wishes She Knew As A First-Time Mom

Being a mom is tough, weird, and unpredictable. And it’s not always easy to admit all of that, or to communicate the wacky, emotional, difficult nuances of day-to-day mom life.

So when one mom, Casey Huff, posted to both Facebook and Instagram about the “27 things I wish I could go back and tell myself as a first-time mom,” parents on the Internet applauded her.

In Casey’s post, she details 27 super helpful things she wishes she knew before becoming a mom:

27 THINGS I WISH I COULD GO BACK AND TELL MYSELF AS A FIRST TIME MOM 1. You will in fact sleep again. Someday. 2....

Posted by Bouncing Forward with Casey Huff on Thursday, January 30, 2020

In her post, she writes of plenty of seemingly small (but very important) things that new moms probably obsess about:

“You will in fact sleep again. Someday.

Breastmilk is really good for babies. So is formula. Do what you gotta do. They’re your boobs, it’s your baby. 

Screentime is not the enemy. Make sure whatever your kids are watching is age-appropriate, then sit back and drink your coffee in peace. (Also, prepare yourself to have at least one cartoon theme song stuck in your head at all times).”

She continued, “The only people who need to approve of your parenting decisions are you and your spouse. YOU are the parent. As long as you have the best interests of your children at heart, ignore the naysayers. Trust your intuition—it’s almost always right and it’s a valuable gift.”

Other awesome points, like ‘you will make mistakes.’

“Google can be both your best friend and your worst enemy when it comes to researching your kids’ well-being. You will make mistakes. Push the guilt aside, and do better the next time around….The list of things you “would NEVER do” as a parent will get shorter and shorter as time goes by. It’s okay to laugh at pre-kid-you’s optimism and “insight”.”

And of course, there’s this gem:

“Make the pancake before you decide which shape to tell your kid it is. Accidental “dinosaur pancakes” are a whole lot easier to make than intentional ones.”

You heard it loud and clear: JUST MAKE THE PANCAKE!

By the way, here are her awesome kiddos:

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What's it like to have three kids in three years? Well, it's really dang tiring. My hands are always full. Someone always needs something. I can't even eat dinner without someone climbing into my lap. I worry a lot and wonder if I'm doing this mom thing right. I lay awake at night thinking of all the things that could go wrong. I haven't taken an uninterrupted bath in, like, ever. There is very little peace in my days. But yet, I am fulfilled in a way I never knew possible. I am needed in a way that makes me feel superhuman. I am loved with no conditions, and I've discovered my capacity to love the same. I am a better person than I was before them. What's it like to have three kids in three years? It's a struggle, a whirlwind, and a dream. I am so lucky they're mine.

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Of course, plenty of people had some great responses to her Facebook post. Many moms reflected on their own experience after reading the post, many mentioning that much of the stress is temporary…

“I needed to read this today. I have a 4-week-old that just eats and never sleeps. I’m exhausted…..but he is worth it as I keep thinking it’s only temporary and he will grow up so fast. Just like my 11-year-old did. Cherish the now as we won’t get this time back.” — Sarah-lee Coombes

And that parenting doesn’t come with a rule back. It’s about flexibility, and learning as you go!

“Oh, such a beautiful way of letting parents know that they are so much better than they think. Parenting does not come with a strict rules book. Gotta be flexible a little bit. The kids grow up to someday start their own journey into unimaginable love.” — Ray Wendt 

Others ponded the fact that we were ALL babies at some point — and that women helped us grow up.

“All are so true. We are amazing women who grew as a tiny human from scratch.” — Becky Hage

Most of the moms were so grateful for these pieces of advice, especially during the hard days.

“I have just saved this for one day when I need it. Thank you.” — Angelique Pinnock

“Reminders for when you’re in a sleep deprivation-induced fog:)” — Pam Kylstra Sprague 

Others said that the points should be required reading for new moms! That’s big praise.

“Every new mom should read these, have them emailed, posted on their fridge, posted in their car, posted in the shower, and posted anywhere else possible. These are fantastic things to remember! Even having a 12 and 13 year old, these still apply.” — Jen Brugger

“Wish I had seen this when I was raising my kids!” — Sharon Sunderland 

But in the end, all you gotta do is make sure your kid is alive. That’s step #1.

“As long as your kids are alive, you are doing fine.” — Susan Thompson Racz