Fox & Friends guest saying that young people aren't having kids because they're embracing godlessness

Fox Guest Claims Millennials Aren’t Having Kids Because They’re ‘Embracing Godlessness’

Fox News is once again very concerned that young people these days are less interested in both religion and having kids than previous generations, and are doing their best to link the two and convince their viewers (who are mostly older Americans) that millennials are godless heathens.

A recent guest on Fox & Friends declared that a poll finding similar generational gaps around whether religion and child-bearing are “very important” meant that young adults are “embracing Godlessness.”

Steve Doocy points out to guest Allie Beth Stuckey, who apparently was on with them because she hosts a podcast, that many young adults are postponing or rejecting the idea of having kids because it’s simply too expensive. Indeed, many polls on the issue have found that financial insecurity is consistently among the top reasons why millennials are having fewer babies.

Stuckey, however, believes the real reasons are a lack of God and irresponsibility.

“Yes, that’s possible,” Stuckey says in response to the idea that money is the problem, “although I have a little bit of a different theory. “I think that those things go hand in hand. That people are embracing godlessness and they’re also not just putting off having kids, but not they’re not even really interested in having kids. The greatest responsibility that they really want is having a dog.”

On the other hand, millennials might be feeling a little tired under the heavy responsibility of saving the entire human species from extinction via climate change. The issue came up a bit earlier in the interview in response to the poll also finding that young people aren’t so wild about the idea of intense American patriotism either.

“We’ve heard even Democratic candidates compare climate change to World War II, which is absolutely crazy,” said Stuckey. “But I think that speaks to the problem, is that this is what young people are hearing and have been hearing in our education system, on social media, even from political candidates, that really—that this collectivism isn’t really dangerous, that there’s nothing really special about America, and actually America is really bad, that there’s nothing to be proud of.”

Just to be perfectly clear, there is nowhere in the U.S. where one can pay rent with patriotism.

Other than worrying that kids these days aren’t wild about fanatical patriotism and are being super crazy about the millions who will die if we don’t go all-out on this climate change thing immediately, Stuckey has a concern that without God and babies, we’re going to be sad.

“And again, I think that’s sad because the greatest joy in my life is one, my relationship with Jesus and two, having a baby girl,” she says. “We actually had our first child eight weeks ago and I’m a millennial as well, and I just worry that some of these people think that they are going to find lasting happiness just in themselves, making themselves happy, and it’s just not there.”

Of course, because who could be made happy by making themselves happy? Wait.