Fox News Guest Claims Mass Shootings Happen Because Liberals Teach Kids About Evolution

Fox News has always been full of anchors and guests with zero grip on reality and a whole lot of bad ideas to spew, but a recent segment on Fox & Friends really completes the cable “news” network’s descent into utter madness and demonstrates a lack of humanity the likes of which you would expect them to be embarrassed about. Surprise! They’re not.

The Family Research Council is a conservative organization which holds some ideals which are discriminatory at best and downright inhumane at worst, but they thought it would be a great idea to send their president, Tony Perkins, over to Fox and Friends on Sunday to reveal what he believes is behind all the mass shootings happening across the country.

It’s not lax gun laws or the rise of domestic terrorism, it’s all down to liberals teaching kids about evolution in schools.

Speaking about the recent shooting in Odessa, Texas, which left five people dead, Perkins claimed that there’d been a “decades-long march through the institutions of America, driving religion and God from the public square.” As a result, everyone is going gun mad, apparently.

“At some point, we have to realize that we as a nation have a problem, and the problem is not the absence of laws, it’s an absence of morality,” Perkins said.

He also responded to the frequent criticism conservative politicians unwilling to change our nation’s lax gun laws often receive for simply sending “thoughts and prayers” every time another mass shooting occurs.

“I agree, praying alone is not enough,” Perkins said. “It’s time to act. It’s not just about having a conversation about restricting those who should not have guns, criminals. But it’s also a discussion of an absence of a moral core in our culture today.”

So what’s behind that absence, you may ask? According to Perkins (and likely many other Fox News anchors), it’s all that evolutionary teaching happening in our schools.

“We’ve taught our kids they come about through chance through primordial slime and then we’re surprised they treat their fellow Americans like dirt. It’s time we talk about the result of the left’s systematic march through our institutions, driving religious expression from the public square,” he ranted.

In Tony Perkins’ opinion, we should teach kids that they’re “created in the image of God,” adding, “We’ve driving religion from our public life and we’re shocked that we no longer have morality and we no longer value human life.” Yikes.