Kristina Partsinevelos on Fox Business

Fox News “Womp-Womps” Reporter Fact-Checking The Record On Trump’s “Home Alone 2” Cameo

There’s a good reason why Fox News dropped the “fair and balanced” tagline, but are they even operating as news anymore, or is this more of a conservative conspiracy radio talkshow with video? After days of freaking out about the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s showing of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York with the Donald Trump cameo cut and Trump himself weighing in, reasonable people started pointing out that the cut was made in 2014.

Multiple scenes were cut or trimmed for the CBC version of the film, as is common when movies come to the TV, because they need space for commercials. Seeing as the Trump cameo is not at all essential to the plot, it’s no surprise that it was cut, but Trump supporters seemed determined to turn this into an attack on the president.

Now that the CBC has pointed out that the cut was made over a year before anyone considered Trump to be a serious political player, his supporters seem to be having trouble admitting their overreaction and letting it go. This includes Fox News, who literally played a sad trombone noise over a reporter attempting to set the record straight.

As Fox Business anchor Charles Payne reported on the “story,” he invited correspondent Kristina Partsinevelos to explain the issue, and when she revealed that the cut indeed happened in 2014, Payne tried to claim that Canada had the so-called “Trump Derangement Syndrome” “before anyone else.” To her credit, Partsinevelos refused to put politics before truth.

“That’s the narrative that is unfortunately not the case,” she said. “When you’re making a movie and you’re putting it on TV, it says ‘modified for television.’ Why? Because you need to add advertisements in, and you need to have it within a one, one and a half, or two hour period.”

As she tried to point out that they chopped a total of eight minutes from the scene, Fox News played a cartoonish “womp womp” sound over her while she was talking. Twice.

“No, but this is seriously the case, I’m not trying to spin it or anything,” Partsinevelos says when she hears the sound. “This is the story here. Eight minutes were chopped out, he, among other people, were part of it.”

So basically, there is no story here and Fox News doesn’t like it, but instead of admitting to their mistake, they break out the mocking sounds effects over a reporter simply trying to do her job. Even Trump himself didn’t seem to be taking the story seriously, so maybe it’s time to calm down, Fox.

And Partsinevelos, if you need a better gig, there are plenty of news networks out there that probably won’t play mocking sound effects over you reciting the facts.