This ‘Woke’ Church’s Signs Are Equal Parts Hilarious And Inclusive

An Australian church is posting some funny signs and people who otherwise might have passed the house of worship without a second look are taking notice and taking pictures.The Melbourne Welsh Church in the city of Melbourne, Australia has been making passers-by stop and reach for their phones with a sign that mixes uplifting messages of tolerance with some very silly jokes.

On its website the church calls itself “radically inclusive” and says its mission is to be welcoming “to all people, regardless of age, sex, orientation, denomination or national origin” and luckily humor is universal.

1. One group this church seems particularly eager to appeal to is people who love dad jokes.

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reasonably sound advice

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3. And ungodly puns.


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6. Damn. Burn!

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The welsh church getting on the band wagon,.

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9. Some of the jokes are self-deprecating.

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10. Or just straight goofy.

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..Walking around! #Melbourne #Australia

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