A video of a man screaming at police officers at an airport until he ends up on the wrong end of a taser is going viral across social media platforms. The man, only identified by the last name “Quidley,” which he spells out for the cops at one point at the top of his voice, appears to have either missed or been barred from a return flight home in relation to an issue with his bags.

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For whatever reason, this man paid $2,000 for his round-trip ticket, as he declares multiple times at maximum volume, and his fury led police to move to arrest him, which he did not like one bit.

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The full video, which seems to have originally been posted to TikTok but spread to Reddit and Twitter as well, shows a man appearing to scream at airport workers before being approached by police. He seems to attempt to calm down, but that doesn’t last more than a few seconds.

“Listen,” he says. “They took $2,000 of my money to put me on that flight and now I’m not on that flight. How the f— do I get to Longview?”

When the officer says he doesn’t know, probably because that’s the job of the airport worker he was screaming at moments ago, the man gets angrier.

“Hey, if I spent two thousand f—ing dollars for a flight round trip … why the f am I not on a flight back to Longview?”

The cop then apparently asks for his name, which he states with furious emphasis and then spells out for the benefit of any future prospective employers watching the video. His continued aggression leads the office to ask him if he’d been drinking.

“About three margaritas!” Quidley declares. “Yeah, do you have a f—ing problem with that? Why do you have a f—ing problem with that and you have a f—ing liquor bar in this f—ing airport?”

It’s not the worst point ever made, but it is our favorite part of the whole video.

He continues to yell and cuss until another cop slowly circles around behind him and the original officer informs him he’s about to be arrested. This does not go well. Quidley fights and screams and struggles, at one point grabbing the officer way too close to his gun than he should have. Had his complexion been markedly different from what it was, this could have ended in tragedy.

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Instead, Quidley gets the taser. He ends up crying on his stomach with his pants pulled most of the way down his butt. As he’s handcuffed by the other two cops, the person filming can be heard snickering, and pretty soon the applause starts.

The dispute seems to have started over Quidley’s bags, as reports on the incident have stated that he mentioned having two of them. American Airlines only allows one small carry-on bag, and can check additional bags, but it’s unclear exactly what led to this man being unable to board the flight.

Good chance it was his aggressive behavior after the three margaritas.

Across the internet, commenters have been pretty unsympathetic to ol’ Quidley, while wondering why he paid so much money for a round-trip ticket between Longview and Medford in the first place.

“Man Medford must have some damn good margaritas,” said one TikTok commenter.

“I might have an idea why he’s not on that flight,” wrote another. “Now it’s going to cost you more than $2000.”

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*First Published: March 17, 2023, 1:08 pm