gas station karen spits

Gas Station “Karen” Spits At Employee Who Asks Her To Wear A Mask

More and more places across the United States are starting to impose mask-wearing requirements upon people as the number of COVID-19 cases continue to rise. But the anti-mask crowd still hasn’t gotten it through their skulls that the rules absolutely apply to them.

Twitter user @Jillcattt posted video from an encounter she had with an anti-masker at a gas station over the weekend, and it’s just the latest in far too many incidents of entitlement caught on camera lately.

“I’ve been hearing about ‘Karen’ but hadn’t been around one,” she wrote. “I encountered one in the wild tonight and it blew my mind. She spit on an essential worker bc he enforced the rule of wear a mask. In response, she spit on him.”

The video opens up with the woman spitting on the counter towards the worker, and telling him to “find it.”

@Jillcattt later posted video showing an earlier portion of the altercation, when the employee told the woman she could either purchase a mask and put it on or she leave the gas station, but he wouldn’t allow her to check out without one.

In response, she throws a fit, making a point to let him know that her tantrum is spreading more germs than if he would have just acquiesced to her demands. 

“We have a right in America not to wear a fucking mask,” she yells. “Have you not watched the news? We don’t have to do this.”

Of course, what anti-maskers always seem to forget is that they’re walking into privately owned businesses that have the right to refuse service to anyone, and the employee points out that there is a sign up in the gas station requiring everyone wear masks.

One repeated concern about mask requirements, whether put in place for an entire area or just for specific businesses, is that employees asked to enforce them are opening themselves up to harassment from irate customers who pull stunts like this, or even violence.

Who ever would have guessed that such a minor inconvenience would cause an entire subgroup of humans to throw public hissy fits so regularly that they’re getting their own genre of viral video?! America!!