Gas Station Attendant Refuses To Sell Gas To Black Man Apparently Because Of BLM Protests

Black Lives Matter protests have happened in every state, but in Portland, Oregon they’ve taken on an added dimension after Donald Trump sent in federal officials to quell citizens. Their tactics for doing so have been violent and frightening, often involving dressing up in uniforms that leave them unidentifiable, kidnapping people off the streets, and using tear gas and other “non-lethal” weapons on protestors. Unsurprisingly, this is just making people angrier.

A Black man named Dom DeWeese wasn’t thinking about the protests when he stopped by a local gas station called Jay’s Garage to fill up his gas container, according to The Daily Dot. He just needed to fill up his lawnmower at home. He was shocked and then angered when the white station attendant refused to sell him gas, implying he looked like an arsonist. Why do you think that is?

DeWeese started filming his encounter and posted it to Facebook, writing, “This happened today at my neighborhood gas station. I come here all the time!”

“You haven’t seen the news?” the man asks DeWeese in the clip. “There’s dumpster fires. They get a can of gasoline, and they start the fire.”

I think we all know which “they” the man means, and DeWeese tries to question him so he’ll admit that his reasons for refusing to sell DeWeese the gas are racially motivated.

“So are you picking and choosing who to sell gasoline to,” he asks the attendant.

When the attendant admits he does, DeWeese asks, “Okay, why aren’t you selling gasoline to me?”

He doesn’t have a good answer, just says something about the very standard canister DeWeese brought to the station being “illegal.”

“I’m just doing my part to keep down the fires in town,” the attendant says after talking some more about these mysterious dumpster fires, the only thing he’s noticed as Portland gets taken over by fascism.

“This gentleman won’t sell me gasoline because… I’ll drop it, he’s being racist,” DeWeese finally says.

When someone passes by, the attendant claims to them that DeWeese is “harassing” him. Classic.

“I’m harassing you?” DeWeese says, surprised. “How am I harassing you? I came here to buy, sir. I have money. I came here to purchase gasoline.”

The attendant finally admits he’d allow DeWeese to fill a car or lawnmower directly, but not the canister. It would actually be very metal to take your lawnmower to the gas station, set it on fire, and throw it in the dumpster, but it doesn’t seem like DeWeese has any intention of setting any fires except under Jay’s Garage’s a**.

The viral attention on Facebook and Twitter, after Civil Rights lawyer Ben Crump shred it there, did end badly for the racist attendant. They ended up sharing their own statement on Facebook.

“We at Jay’s Garage would like to address the situation that happened at the station yesterday,” the statement begins. “The behavior exhibited by the employee was completely unacceptable and appalling; this goes against our business policies and practices. We immediately terminated his employment based on his poor treatment of another human being as soon as we learned of the incident.”