Gay Man Speaks Out Against ‘Straight Pride’ Parade Organized By His Own Mother

A group called The National Straight Pride Coalition is planning a “Straight Pride Parade” for August 24th in Modesto, CA and the proposed event is drawing criticism.

One such critic is Matthew Mason a 28-year-old gay man from Modesto who says the event is about “hate pride” rather than straight pride. To make things even more personal the event is being co-organized by Mason’s adoptive mother Mylinda Mason

Mason discussed the planned parade and his mother’s involvement in an interview with FOX 40 saying:

“This is the woman who raised me actively working against my rights as a human being…who I am as a person.”

Mason said he was afraid of violence taking place and that the group has designs different than what they claim. The organization’s website specifically champions “Whiteness/Caucasian[s],” a group they say is “under attack” and credit as the “developers of western civilization.”

FOX 40

In the same segment from FOX 40 Mylinda Mason spoke not just about sexuality but about race, saying:

“It is again white Caucasians who did come to this country to start liberty and gave us the greatest constitution in the world.”

Mylinda Mason claimed the parade would be similar to a “church service” and that its critics were “looking to amp it up into something it’s not.” She also said everyone was welcome to attend.

It’s worth noting that the National Straight Pride Coalition’s website has plenty of disturbing references to race, gender expression, and abortion in addition to heterosexuality, suggesting that the groups conservative goals do indeed go far beyond its claims of celebrating “straight pride.”

According to Matthew Mason the upcoming event is causing “pain and anguish” in his community, adding that “this is not a positive message.”