Stripper’s Fall From 15-Foot Pole Sparks Conversation On Workers’ Rights

Dancer Genea Sky went viral recently for a very scary reason. She was working at a Texas club XTC Cabaret and performing on the two-story pole when she fell. A person in the audience filmed a video of the incident, where Genea fell a total of 15 feet and seemed to be OK when she picked herself up and started dancing again.

Genea posted an update on Twitter to address the incident.

She followed up in a separate tweet, admitting she needed surgery from the fall.

Later that evening, Genea posted a tearful video update. In it, she explained her injuries included a broken jaw, broken teeth and a sprained ankle.

She said she has been humbled by the experience and thanked people for their support.

The 2:12-minute video has been viewed 2.9 million times on Twitter and Genea’s tweet received 76.7k likes and 10k retweets. Multiple people took to the comments to share words of support.

The CEO of the club took no responsibility for the incident, saying Genea knew the risks involved while performing on the pole. The internet didn’t take well to that explanation.

Many people learned that dancers are paid as independent contractors, which offers no protection from injury in the workplace.

Someone posted on Twitter how common these injuries are for dancers.

In the comments, current and former dancers shared their injury horror stories.

Two people pointed out the hypocrisy of audiences cheering on J.Lo and Cardi B while turning their backs on real sex workers.

People learned that her job would not be helping with her medical bills, so a crowdfunding campaign was set up for her. As of this writing, it has raised $37,065 of its $20,000 goal.