Representative George Santos has achieved many titles in life, including potentially the most fraudulent sitting U.S. congressman, biggest political liar since Donald Trump, and man with the most dead mom, but he cannot add “good karaoke singer” to that list. Maybe “worst karaoke singing from a U.S. politician who lied about his grandparents escaping the Holocaust” would work.

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A popular TikTok user known as BroadwayBob recently discovered the Republican embarrassment’s old account on Smule — an app that allows users to record and share themselves singing karaoke to all their favorite songs. The results are about as cringe-worthy as every other time Santos opens his mouth.

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The account is under the name George Devolder, one of Santos’ most well-known aliases, and the voice that comes out of it definitely sounds like him if he were singing Disney songs out of tune. Most of the recordings are of Disney favorites, including seven renditions of “Let It Go” from Frozen.

Bob plays clips from a few of these as he winces along to the butchering in between making fake dramatic expressions and lip-syncing.

“It’s giving Miranda Sings,” he says, referring to the YouTuber who became famous for intentionally and hilariously bad singing.

Santos has become a running joke as left-wing political commentators have had a field day with the growing list of discovered lies he’s told about his past. In addition to potentially committing extensive fraud with his campaign finances, he has falsely claimed that his mother died in the 9/11 attacks (and also died on two other occasions), that he was the star of a volleyball team at a college he didn’t attend, and that he’s Jewish. And that’s just to start.

In spite of the growing evidence that Santos is a pathological liar and fraudster who grifted his way into the Republican congress, the GOP handed him multiple committee assignments and has largely refused to pressure him to resign. It was only today that he finally announced that he would voluntarily be stepping down from these assignments to focus on battling all those fraud investigations popping up around his campaign.

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“With the ongoing attention surrounding both my personal and campaign financial investigations, I have submitted a request to Speaker McCarthy that I be temporarily recused from my committee assignments until I am cleared,” he said in a statement.

Still, he has refused to admit to even considering the idea of resignation in spite of admitting to many of his lies. These are the most important things to focus on when it comes to Santos, but we can also have a bit of fun mocking his bad singing, especially as it relates to his more serious shortcomings.

Even on TikTok, making up easily debunked falsehoods that Santos could potentially lie to us about has become a running joke.

“That’s not karaoke; that’s from when he won an Oscar for his leads on the Lion King soundtrack,” one TikTok commenter cracked.

“He was the original male lead in the Disney movie Aladdin which he wrote and animated,” said another. “He even convinced his friend Robin Williams to be in it.”

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*First Published: January 31, 2023, 1:52 pm