girl knocked off bike video

Video Showing Girl Getting Knocked Off Bike Stirs Up Heated Debate

A video of an incident that saw a little girl getting knocked off her bike has gone viral as people debate who was actually at fault.

Footage recorded by her father shows the six-year-old child riding her bike along an enclosed dirt road in Nottinghamshire. A couple ahead of her were walking their dog and taking up basically the entire narrow path when she came up behind them. Her father yelled out “Excuse me” several times leading up to the crash, which happened when the girl seemingly tried to ride her bike in between the couple and instead fell off.

Rather than anyone checking on the child, the father and the couple, who have been identified as Ian and Joanne Crampton, immediately began arguing about the incident.

Much of the audio is indecipherable, but you can hear the father pointing out that he said “excuse me,” and at the end, Ian kicks the bike as he and his wife walk away.

The child’s mother, Michelle Prost, later shared the video to Facebook, explaining that her daughter is “new to going on bike rides, this has really upset her.”

“The man gets verbally abusive and says ‘so f***ing what?’” she claimed.

The couple, on the other hand, are claiming that the child was at fault for what happened, and are condemning the backlash the video has prompted against them.

“People have vilified us, it’s been dreadful but it’s been blown out of all proportion,” Joanne told The Sun. “If anything, the little girl was at fault, not us.”

Folks on Twitter weighed in after the video went viral.

Some think the couple failed to move on purpose, while others believe it should have been up to the girl’s father to stop her from running into them.

But people are weirded out that nobody seemed to prioritize the kid.

Both the Cramptons and Prost say they called law enforcement after the video went viral, but the police are opting not to prosecute the couple, calling the incident a “misunderstanding.”