Girl Scouts Sell Hundreds Of Boxes Of Cookies Outside Weed Dispensary

The Girl Scouts prepare young girls across the country to blossom into confident and skilled young women. And as we all know, one of the ways in which they do that is by teaching them to be little entrepreneurs, selling their infamous Girl Scout cookies to Thin Mint-loving world.

But while there is always a high demand for those Tagalongs and Samoas, which only come around once a year, with so many girls selling, the competition to unload the most boxes is stiff.

As pretty much everyone knows, you usually find tables selling Girl Scout cookies set up outside your local grocery store. It’s a natural place to sell cookies, since people are already in the mindset to buy food and snacks. It’s a standard and expected customer base. So the key is to expand to finding a new customer base, or creating one.

And that’s what one particularly enterprising set of Scouts in Chicago figured out how to do — by setting up sales outside a weed dispensary.

“Reporting to you live at Dispensary 33. We have Girl Scout cookies!! And not just the cannabis kind,” the dispensary tweeted last week. “Support your local Girl Scouts with us.”

Clearly, they had no problem finding customers, and people online shared their respect for the out-of-the-box thinking.

And the Girl Scouts are completely behind this strategy to target the stoner demographic.

“It’s really great to see these very entrepreneurial girls getting out there in the community,” regional spokesperson Britney Bouie told NBC Chicago. “We allow it as long as it’s approved by the parents and the troop leaders.”

Recreational marijuana has only been legal in Chicago since the start of this year, but Girl Scouts in other locations such as Colorado and California, where weed is already legal, have had similar cannabis-driven marketing strategies in the past. The success these other troops have had may have inspired the Chicago girls, who reportedly ended up selling several hundreds of boxes that day.

If you’re up in Illinois and you missed out, don’t worry, Dispensary 33 says they’ll be coming back for the rest of the month! Why mess with a good thing?