Multiple Republican politicians are catching heat right now for sharing photos of themselves at bars and restaurants—the exact kinds of places people are supposed to be avoiding right now in order to stall the spread of the coronavirus.

One of these individuals is Senator John Cornyn, who had previously called Ted Cruz’s decision to self-quarantine after exposure a “good” one. Rather than following this example (and it’s weird referring to Ted Cruz as a good example to follow), Cornyn went out to a bar to take a really stupid photo.


It’s fine to tell the public to refrain from panicking, especially since panic buying has been a thing across the world, but bars have been identified as the kind of social gathering spot with germ hotspots that we’re all supposed to be avoiding right now. And the beer photo is tasteless and badly lit. People are also upset that he was spending time at bars while a badly-needed coronavirus relief package waits to be voted on by the senate.

But Cornyn isn’t the only Republican setting a bad public health example right now. The governor of Oklahoma, Kevin Stitt, posted a photo of himself with his children at a restaurant called The Fried Taco along with the hashtag “#supportlocal” and an announcement that the place was “packed.”

Again, it’s nice to support local businesses if you can in these trying times but packed restaurants are exactly where you are not supposed to be, governor.

Governor Stitt has since taken the photo of himself with his boys at the restaurant down. However, he did not remove the additional photos of his family at the Oklahoma Youth Expo, described as the “World’s Largest Junior Livestock Show.”

Again, people were not pleased with this nonchalant disregard of public health recommendations from the CDC and others.

Stay home.

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*First Published: March 16, 2020, 10:22 am