A U.S. Republican has caught wind of that new animated series starring Danny DeVito as Satan and Aubrey Plaza as the mother of the Antichrist, Little Demon, after an ad for the show popped up while he was trying to watch football. In a Facebook post, Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana decried the show after he had to dive for the remote to protect his 11-year-old child from seeing some moving drawings.

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“I couldn’t get to the remote fast enough to shield my 11-year-old from the preview, and I wonder how many other children were exposed to it—and how many millions more will tune in to the new series, owned and marketed by DISNEY,” wrote Johnson.

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This is that series that DeVito started live tweeting about without enough of a warning, leading people to legitimately worry about his mental state after posting things like “I’d rather fist a dog that be in a relationship. Piss my pants!” It focuses on the efforts of Laura, Plaza’s character, to keep her daughter Chrissy away from her father, who is Satan. Chrissy is therefore the Antichrist, and in the pilot, discovers her identity and corresponding powers after getting her first period.

The show is 100 percent for adults, containing excessive gore, nudity, and swearing, and under the mom jeans, Laura is a Pagan beefcake who will fight Satan to the depths of hell to protect her daughter. It’s no surprise that conservatives think it’s the most evil thing to happen since Civil Rights.

“The actress who voices Laura said in an interview, ‘I love that we are normalizing paganism. Laura is a pagan. She’s a witch. She’s jacked,'” Johnson complains.

Of course, to fans, this is one of the best parts of the show. The congressman goes on to quote reviews praising the shock value of the content, following in the footsteps of beloved animated shows like South Park and Family Guy, extending a long human tradition of testing the boundaries of what is considered acceptable in art.

“WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?” Johnson cries.

Thankfully, Johnson decided to spare us a laundry list of Bible verses in his post and just get right to “won’t somebody think of the children” (whom the show is not for).

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“I could write volumes this morning, and unpack pages of Bible verses here, but instead I’m just going to state the obvious: Please be careful,” he said. “Our job as parents is to guard the hearts and minds of our kids. This culture has become alarmingly dark and desensitized and this is not a game. Disney and FX have decided to embrace and market what is clearly evil. STAY FAR FROM IT.”

Some people will always refuse to engage with the idea that just because something is animated or a company like Disney is vaguely involved doesn’t mean it’s something that was ever meant to be consumed by children.

Unfortunately for Johnson, his post has gone beyond the bubble of his right-wing supporters, and now most of the reactions are laughing at him and the comments are full of mockery.

“Thanks for the recommendation!” wrote one Facebook user. “I can’t wait till I can get a chance to watch it. It looks great.”

“Not y’all crying and screaming over a cartoon that has an adult only TV rating,” said another.

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*First Published: September 8, 2022, 10:20 am