Gordon Sondland
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Three Women Accuse Impeachment Witness Gordon Sondland Of Sexual Assault And Retaliation

Three separate women have come forward to say that U.S. Ambassador to the E.U. and key impeachment witness Gordon Sondland sexually harassed or assaulted them and then retaliated against them when they said no prior to his appointment to the ambassadorship. According to the report by ProPublica, all three women agreed to reveal their identities as they told their stories.

Sondland was given his position after donating a million dollars to the Trump campaign, which was after he was initially blackballed by Trump officials for criticizing the president before he was elected in 2016. He also initially denied any knowledge of a quid pro quo in regards to the Ukraine scandal, then flipped his position when he suddenly “remembered” that everyone knew there was a quid pro quo going on following damning testimony from other witnesses.

In conclusion, nobody likes the man right now, and the reports by these three women aren’t helping.

One of the women says that Sondland grabbed her face and tried to kiss her, another says he succeeded in kissing her without consent, and the third says he exposed himself to her, causing her to fall over the back of a couch in shock.

In all three cases, the women rejected his non-consensual “advances” and soon faced retaliation for doing so, including backtracking on a business deal. One was an employee of Sondland at the time and was screamed at by the ambassador, then a hotel magnate, soon after the incident. The third says he ended whatever help he was giving her in getting a job.

Sondland has, of course, denied the allegations, and his lawyer has accused the women of trying to undermine his testimony.

The stories go into greater detail in the ProPublica report, and they follow a common pattern of powerful men coming on to women right as their careers are on the line and the women trying to brush it aside and pretend it’s no big deal until they can’t anymore. Like when one of them heard Sondland’s name on the radio in connection to his Ukraine testimony and started crying.

“I’m somebody who has sort of laughed it off and rolled my eyes and said, ‘What a jerk,’ all these years, and suddenly I’m crying in my car?” said the woman with the rejected business deal. “What the hell? That doesn’t sound like me.”

Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish, a long-time friend of one of the women, has already released a statement calling on Sondland to resign and saying he regrets taking a campaign contribution from the ambassador.

Today Portland Monthly reported a piece titled "Multiple Women Recall Sexual Misconduct and Perceived Retaliation by...

Posted by Nick Fish on Wednesday, November 27, 2019

It’s unclear how these allegations will affect the impeachment inquiry, if at all, but many people are not super surprised at the idea that Sondland is a sexual predator.