Popular Latinx food company Goya is being hit with a widespread boycott after the company’s CEO lavished Donald Trump with praise at a Hispanic Prosperity Initiative event in the White House Rose Garden. CEO Bob Unanue encouraged listeners to pray for Trump and went as far as saying that the nation is “blessed” to have him as a leader.

“We all truly blessed, at the same time, to have a leader like President Trump who is a builder,” he said.

Unanue spoke about his grandfather, who founded the company as a Spanish immigrant who had very little to his name, and compared this to Trump, who has seen several of his businesses go bankrupt after receiving millions of dollars from his father.

“We have an incredible builder, and we pray — we pray for our leadership, our president, and we pray for our country that we will continue to prosper and to grow,” he said.

People were quick to express their displeasure and announce intention to boycott the brand online, pointing out how Trump targeted Latinx people with racist rhetoric.

In addition to everyday shoppers, multiple Latinx community and political leaders called for a boycott of the brand, including former presidential candidate Julián Castro and current House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Following a flood of public disapproval, Unanue went on Fox News to say that he would not be apologizing and claim that the boycotts are “suppression of speech.”

“So I’m not apologizing for saying — and especially when you’re called by the president of the United States, you’re gonna say, ‘No, I’m sorry, I’m busy. No, thank you.’ I didn’t say that to the Obamas and I didn’t say that to President Trump,” he said.

To be clear, boycotts are a form of speech, and only the government can suppress one’s freedom of speech, not the public.

Meanwhile, people are posting their own recipes for common Goya products.

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*First Published: July 10, 2020, 10:08 am