A Mom Kicked Her Son Out For Being Gay, And Her Dad Destroyed Her In A Letter

We live in the year 2019, and there are still people willing to disown their own children because those kids are gay. According to The Trevor Project, 40 percent of homeless youth are LGBTQ, though they only make up ten percent of the general population. Lots of these kids have nowhere to go after they’re kicked out of their house. This is the rare story with a somewhat happy ending—or at least an ending with a little verbal satisfaction.

On the subreddit r/MurderedByWords, user u/BillNyeYourMomAGuy posted a letter supposedly written by a dad to his daughter. The daughter had recently kicked her son out of the house for being gay, calling him an “abomination.”

A horrible scene, but the kid was able to go to his grandpa. And what a grandpa. In his letter, he absolutely destroys his daughter on behalf of his grandson. In pen and ink. Grandpa doesn’t need your damn email.


He writes:

Dear Christine,

I’m disappointed in you as a daughter. You’re correct that we have a “shame in the family,” but mistaken about what it is.

Kicking Chad out of your home simply because he told you he was gay is the real “abomination” here. A parent disowning her child is what goes “against nature.”

The only intelligent thing I heard you saying in all this was that “you didn’t raise your son to be gay.” Of course you didn’t. He was born this way and didn’t choose it anymore than he [chose] being left-handed. You however, have made a choice of being hurtful, narrow-minded and backward.

So, while we are in the business of disowning our children, I think I’ll take this moment to say goodbye to you. I now have a fabulous (as the guy put it) grandson to raise, and I don’t have time for heartless b-word of a daughter.

If you find your heart, give us a call.

She’ll have to go looking for her heart, because he verbally tore her limb from limb and scattered the pieces all over.

Of course, there are people in the Reddit thread doubting the veracity of what happened. What kind of a grandpa has such terrible handwriting? But most people think it’s real, and that this grandpa kicks ass.


What really matters is that this is definitely a thing that actually happens to kids everywhere. If you can, be an adult who stands in their corner. And take notes from grandpa above.