Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of the allegedly former QAnon persuasion has put out another CrossFit video, this time claiming that her weird workout is a viable replacement for the COVID-19 vaccine and calling for Dr. Fauci to be fired.

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Those of us not familiar with this particular workout style were especially confused at the part where she jumps on the pullup bar and starts flailing around like she’s trying to exorcise some kind of fitness demon from her own body.

“This is my Covid protection,” she tweeted with the hashtag #MakeAmericaHealthyAgain.

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Greene has been into CrossFit for quite some time prior to entering politics, having purchased a gym and definitely using it only for her passion for fitness and not to cheat on her husband with gym managers.

She has previously posted videos of her workouts on her Twitter account, but this one has caught a lot more attention than usual, partly because of the claim that exercise is a substitute for a vaccine (it’s not).

Multiple sports experts and trainers have also come forward to let Greene know that whatever she’s doing, she’s doing it wrong.

Majority Report co-host and “Senior executive sports tweeter” Emma Vigeland called it the “worst form I’ve ever seen,” later following up in response to claims that “this is just what CrossFit is” with the assertion that “CrossFit is f—ing bad for your body.”

A weightlifting coach who claims to have “a background in CrossFit” did a full critique of her workout, explaining that the “pull-ups” she was doing, apparently called “butterfly pull-ups,” don’t have any benefit other than to “create a more interesting workout.”

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It sure looks like it’s just using momentum to make pull-ups easier, but we’re not certified CrossFit trainers here. We’re also not alone in thinking that it looks really weird.

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Even if this workout could protect her from COVID-19, how much CrossFit will Greene have to do to heal all those burns?

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*First Published: April 1, 2021, 10:08 am