Pastor Greg Locke yelling about masks

Right-Wing Pastor Furious After Being Told To Wear A Mask In Dunkin Donuts, Compares It To Abortion

Anti-mask, right-wing pastor Greg Locke posted a video of himself giving an angry rant after Dunkin Donuts refused to serve him coffee if he wouldn’t wear a mask, according to Right Wing Watch. In his furious diatribe, he compared masks to “the golden calf” from the Bible and also, somehow, abortions.

“I’m not bowing down, I am not in compliance, I am in utter defiance of this,” Locke says. “I’ll go to jail over this situation. It is the golden calf. I am sick of Christians saying things like this: ‘Well, it’s just a mask.'”

It takes the pastor all of 12 seconds to go from masks at Dunkin Donuts to abortion.

“You know what they used to say? ‘Oh, it’s just a baby, it’s just a zygote, it’s just a growth in the mother’s womb, so let’s kill it.'”

Without explaining that particular metaphor, Locke pivots right back to calling masks a “compliance device” and complaining about his rights, claiming that mask requirements in private businesses is communism.

“Can I remind you, this is still the United States of America,” he says. “This is not communism. This is not China, this ain’t North Korea, I don’t live in Haiti, I don’t live some other country somewhere where I’m under the guise of communism and socialism.”

To be clear, Haiti is not considered to be a communist or socialist nation and operates under a free market economy with its government classified as a semi-presidential republic.

We’re also pretty sure Locke doesn’t know what the word “guise” means. But he finishes his video with a “Trump 2020.”

Public reactions to Locke’s rant range from amusement to painful secondhand embarrassment to mild concern.