A TikToker’s attempt to shame people over what she thinks is bad gym etiquette backfired spectacularly.

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The video has been reposted to several subreddits after seemingly getting deleted from the original poster’s TikTok page, with the most recent trending on r/facepalm.

In it, the TikToker has her phone camera set up to film her doing stretches at a gym. There are other people working out on machines in the background, but after a lengthy period of just her stretching, someone gets a little too close for her liking.

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“Here I was recording my leg stretch session for the past 15 min and this lady chose to squeeze between a narrow space and walk across my video, despite having a bigger space to walk through on the other side,” she wrote.

Lenses can warp perspective, but it looks like there’s plenty of space between the TikToker and her camera for someone to walk through. And while she says her phone was very visible because it was “obviously set up on a bright pink hydroflask,” as if everyone is walking around the gym keeping an eye out for phones that may or may not be recording.

Another gym-goer walks between the TikToker and her beloved camera before the video is done, and in both cases, she stops her stretches entirely and looks at the camera, clearly exasperated.

TikTok viewers reportedly ripped this attitude apart on the original video, and redditors clearly felt the same.

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People filming videos for social media in the middle of day-to-day activities, and in a way that makes other people have to be overly conscious of them has definitely become an issue, and people like the gym TikToker aren’t winning anyone over in regards to it.

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The thing about public spaces, or even private spaces that can be utilized by the public for a fee, is that one person doesn’t have any more right to them than other people. If you want to record somewhere that allows it (and commenters pointed out that many gyms actually do not), that’s your prerogative. But expecting other people to inconvenience themselves for you in the process? Sorry, that’s definitely bad etiquette.

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*First Published: January 3, 2022, 6:43 am