Men don’t always understand why women are hesitant to be approached by guys they don’t know when they’re just doing everyday things trying to live their lives. Social media has shifted that, to a certain extent. If guys want to understand what women put up with, and why that hesitancy comes into play, there are far, far too many examples of these situations going wrong that shed light on just what prompts women to have their guard up more often than not.

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Plenty of TikToks draw attention to this, including one showing off an argument between an adult man and a TikToker who claimed to be just 17 that took place after the guy decided to aggressively hit on her.

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The video starts off with the TikToker already in the middle of verbally defending herself from the 24-year-old, who allegedly tried to call her out for not being nice enough to him.

“I’m ‘not a nice person’ when you try and come onto me when I’m working out, after I tell you I’m 17?” she asks. “Are you out of your f—king mind?”

The man can be heard yelling at her in the background that “it’s legal” even as she continues, claiming that he told her to get out of the gym because she rejected his advances.

“Respect older people,” he fires back.

“Oh, so when it comes to ‘go on a date with me,’ you’re not that old, but now I have to respect you?” she asks.

The back-and-forth continues, with him demanding she leave the gym “before I lose my f—king temper,” which she eventually did.

The TikToker’s account appears to no longer be active, so it’s unclear what—if any—consequences this jerk faced for his behavior.

But people online were appalled at how he was acting, and called out all the issues with what went down.

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If you can’t handle rejection, you shouldn’t be asking people out on dates. And just as a pretty obvious rule, adults shouldn’t be asking minors out on dates, either way.

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*First Published: September 18, 2023, 8:23 am