Growing up, we are often told that hanging in there, working hard, taking on unpaid projects, staying late, and generally being available to your boss at all hours will lead to significant success. Much more often, it actually leads to horrible burnout and other people getting promoted over you—but not everyone realizes this right away.

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Writer Kate Lister wanted to know how long it took for the people around her to figure this stuff out, writing, “How old were you when you realised your original plan of being really nice, working really hard, & taking on much more than you should in the hope you would be automatically rewarded for this without asking, was totally sh-t?”

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There are tens of thousands of replies with a huge range of ages. Some were young, some were old, and some were just finding this out by reading Lister’s tweet. Doing a good job at your job is probably more satisfying than doing terribly, but there is no guarantee of success when you work for anyone with a bottom line. Which is all businesses.

Lister added in a follow-up tweet, “The Joker said, ‘if you’re good at something, never do it for free.’ While it is nice to be nice & it is great to work hard & to try & be good at whatever you do, but do not do that shit for free, people! Know your worth… and then add tax.”

Good advice!



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*First Published: November 19, 2021, 11:18 am