American health insurance is a confusing beast that literally nobody could possibly ever understand. It’s almost impossible to guess how much you’re going to owe, what exactly is covered, and sometimes even what doctors you’re allowed to go to is woefully unclear. All we really know is that you’re always going to spend more money than you want to spend.

Adam Weinstein illustrated this modern-day dilemma brilliantly with a series of tweets following his journey trying to get a simple CT scan and set of x-rays.

The whole thing was terrible from the get-go, with the place Weinstein spoke to informing him that co-pay would be $500 if he went through his insurance, but only $300 if he paid without using his already pricey insurance at all.

When he informed them that he had different information from his insurance in regards to what he should be paying, they seemed very hesitant to get involved.

After that confounding exchange, Weinstein decided it was time to go to his insurance provider directly. After all, if he’s paying them a whopping $500 a month, surely they can help him figure out what he needs to do to get these tests done.

Only…it turns out not only was the information listed on their website in regards to the co-pay under his plan incorrect, they straight up told him that self-pay is sometimes cheaper and it might just be better to not use insurance at all.

Except, of course, most doctors will not allow you to pay the self-pay rate when they already have your insurance information on file, as it is illegal.

Oh, and that place Weinstein tried to go to that ultimately told him they weren’t covered by his insurance plan? Well.

In case you weren’t already completely lost trying to follow this harrowing saga, things got even more complicated.

One could potentially say this has a happy ending because Weinstein was finally able to schedule something in-network at a price slightly less than he was told he would be paying by the first place, but can there ever be a happy ending if you have to spend hours on the phone just trying to schedule an appointment and pay hundreds of dollars for a simple scan, on top of thousands of dollars in premiums?

Let’s circle back to this tweet:

That would be way too easy.

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*First Published: January 17, 2020, 7:14 am