Christian man harassing Jewish father and son and hijabi woman defending them

Woman In A Hijab Stands Up For Jewish Family Being Harassed On The Subway

A highly diverse altercation occurred on a London subway after a Jewish man and his son sat down, both wearing yarmulkes, which apparently prompted a man to run up to them with a Bible and tell them how terrible they are for being Jewish. It took a woman in a hijab to stand up for them.

Filmmaker Chris Atkins captured video of part of the incident and asked for help to identify the Bible-toting man, who was arrested by the British Transport police “on suspicion of a racially aggravated section 5 public order offence” two days later.

In the video, the man can be seen reading Bible passages to father and son, including something about “the synagogue of Satan.” The Jewish father speaks quietly to his clearly uncomfortable kid while this goes on until an off-screen individual intervenes. The Christian man tells them to “back off” and similar phrases with stronger language, at which point the woman in the hijab, Asma Shuweikh, starts to engage the Bible reader, effectively distracting him from harassing the Jewish man and child.

“I thought, if I reason with him and talk to him and pretend that I’m sympathetic with what he’s saying, maybe I can defuse the problem because he was actually talking to a little boy,” Shuwikh told Sky News.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much reasoning to be had.

“Listen, these people are imposters, trying to claim our heritage,” the man can be heard saying to her in the video.

Shuwikh said that the Christian man became even more aggressive after the video stopped, but it does not seem like anyone was physically hurt. And even if she didn’t change his mind, Shuwikh stands as an inspiration to future bystanders who might be afraid to stand up to antisemitic or otherwise bigoted subway passengers.

“If it had been me I would have liked someone to stand up for me,” she said.

Now, she is something of a hero to Jewish Twitter and beyond.

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear hijabs.