Homeland Security Employee To Black Teen Girl In Affluent Neighborhood: “You Don’t Deserve To Be Here”

Cellphone footage showing a white man in an affluent Florida neighborhood harassing teen girls — and seemingly singling out a Black 15-year-old in the group — has led to more frustration over racial profiling.

According to a police report, five teens were riding a golf cart back home through a gated development in Wellington when a man in a Toyota sedan pulled up behind them. He was driving too close, so the boy driving the golf cart tried to pull over to let him pass, but the man allegedly kept following them.

The two boys in the group left, and the three girls got out of the cart and began walking back to Breonna Nelson-Hicks’ grandfather’s house.

The man, later identified as U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services analyst Lee Jeffers, got out of his car and started yelling at the girls, so one of them took her phone out and began filming.

“I really don’t care [if you take my picture] because you don’t belong in this development,” Jeffers said. None of the girls are on screen at the time, but Breonna, the only Black teen in the group, says his words were directed at her.

The man continued to harass them, demanding their names and addresses, which they declined to give, and said he was going to call the gate and have them all arrested.

“You do not deserve to be in here,” he said.

When the girl recording pointed out that he was “coming at” 15-year-olds, Jeffers’s absurd and disturbing response was that 15-year-olds can get married in Mississippi or Alabama.

The teens can also be heard repeatedly saying that they had been trying to move the golf cart out of the way for him and that he had been acting like he was trying to hit them with his car.

The confrontation stopped when Breonna fetched her grandfather.

Fortunately, the girls were near Breonna’s house, and she went in to get her grandfather to deal with the angry man.

Tony Nelson has lived in Wellington for 33-years, according to Palm Beach Post, and feels as though his granddaughter was singled out in the exchange.

“It’s not going away,” he said. “I can’t let it die… People aren’t understanding what’s going on.”

In the video, when Breonna brought him out of the house, Nelson can be heard telling Jeffers to put his hands down and demanding to know if he threatened a child.

“I did not threaten, I did not threaten a child,” he replied.

“I have it on video,” the girl recording countered.

Folks online are praising the grandfather for coming to the girls’ defense so unwaveringly.

And, appropriately, are dragging the hell out of the angry white guy who thought threatening teenagers was a good idea.

Not to mention the alleged racial profiling.

In a particularly despicable twist, the man has been identified as a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services analyst.

While local deputies declined to provide the man’s information to the press, internet sleuths did their thing and figured out that his name is Lee Jeffers, and he works for a branch of Homeland Security.

“We are looking into the matter that has been reported in the press about this individual’s off-duty behavior,” a spokesperson said in a fairly lukewarm statement. “The video is certainly disturbing, and we are working to get all available information in considering what action, if any, may be appropriate for the agency to take.”