It has become something of a trend on TikTok to enlist the user base to track people down, often after a flirtatious chance meeting that ended in a failure to get the other person’s contact information. However, one man crossed a line with many TikTok users when he asked people to help him find a Hooters waitress that he’d given a $200 tip in Waco, Texas with a video he filmed outside of the establishment at night.

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“To the girl we tipped $200 to in hooters in Waco texas [sic],” user Codey wrote in the overlay text along with a booming voice. “TikTok help us find her!!”

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The problem with this particular entry in the find-a-person TikTok genre is that everyone knows Hooters to be a place many frequent specifically for the tight and skimpy outfits worn by the exclusively female wait staff, and the waitresses very often deal with sexual harassment from customers. This can and does escalate into stalking behavior from men who feel they’re entitled to their waitress’ time and attention, and it’s not uncommon for them to try and justify this because they left big tips.

It’s not just Hooters, of course—women in all kinds of service positions have to worry about customers who want to flirt with them while they’re in a position where they could be fired if they’re perceived as rude. But the fact that this was a Hooters waitress only made it all the more creepy, big tip and all.

Rather than helping him find the woman, TikTok commenters have widely suggested that Codey leave the waitress alone and stop being a creep, accusing him of giving “stalker vibes” and acting like the woman owes him something because of his personal choice to give her $200.

“When bros think they’re owed something and the dude brigade comes in with excuses,” wrote one commenter. “Leave the girl alone.”

“Tomatoes tomatoes tomatoes. If you want the strip club experience go to the club,” wrote another. “The waitress doesn’t want you or you would have the number.”

However, one TikTok user saying they know one of the waitresses who works at that Hooters location did respond offering to help, but even that got panned by some commenters saying they shouldn’t be helping some random guy stalk a woman at work.

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“Just FYI this is called doxxing and it puts people in danger,” wrote Rhiannon Daire. “This guy is creepy. Don’t give your coworker’s name and info to him. That’s not cool.”

After posting the video in early January, Codey has not published a follow-up video on the search or responding to the many comments accusing him of harassment, and doesn’t seem to have confirmed in any comments that he found the woman he was looking for. This could mean that he was able to contact her and it went badly, as many other commenters predicted would happen.

“You know how many $200 tips they get a week?” asked one user.

“She spent that on her boyfriend,” the top comment reads.

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*First Published: February 4, 2022, 1:52 pm