If you have a cat, you know there are certain foods it can’t eat. One? Garlic. Don’t ever feed your cat garlic! It can make them very, very sick. Now, imagine that your partner has a friend who just doesn’t care about that and continuously tries to give your cat food that will cause it harm. You’d be pretty pissed, right?

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One Redditor got so angry at her partner’s friend after warning him multiple times to not feed the cat that she took his food and dumped it in the trash. Then, the friend called the OP a b*tch, which is obviously a misogynistic slur. I think it’s time the OP sat down with her partner and discussed just how important this “friend” is — because he sounds like he should be thrown in the garbage along with his food.

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“My husband loves his buddy Steve, I would love Steve a lot more if he wasn’t always trying to give my cat human food when he is visiting. I have explained it to him many times: ‘Steve, do not give her anything, she is only allowed to have cat food.’ I have had to do this literally every time he has been in my house with food. Nevertheless, Steve persists.”

“I come home yesterday and Steve and my husband are throwing darts in the garage. Then they go out and come back with some fast food, including a meal for me. I turn my back for one moment to get some plates, and when I turn back around I see Steve offering my cat a piece of GARLIC BREAD. I yell at him to STOP IT already, grab his whole meal and dump it in the trash. He calls me a b*tch and reaches for my meal, I grab it away and yell at him to get the hell away from my cat until he’s learned some manners.”

“They go back out to the garage and I overhear my husband trying to reason with him a bit but he’s not having it, and he storms out. Steve is pissed, husband is understanding where I’m at with him always trying to feed the cat, but also annoyed and says I had no right to throw out his meal. I really don’t want to see Steve in my house at all any time soon, but at the very least I don’t want him here with any food until he learns to keep it to himself.”

Steve, get f*cked. For trying to poison the cat and calling OP a b*tch.

“NTA. My boyfriend tried to give our new kitten meat that was seasoned with garlic the other day, and I barely stopped her from eating it. I had to google it to prove to him that it’s poisonous for the kitten. I put my foot down and told him that the kitten is never allowed to have human food. Op, tell your husband how toxic garlic is for cats so he hopefully understands the severity of the situation. If Steve can’t respect your rule regarding the cat tell them that they’ll have to hang out somewhere else if he won’t stop giving human food to the cat.” —


“Aside from the attempted poisoning, what’s getting me right now is that Steve called her a b*tch in THEIR home. That is a trash word to use against a woman- OP’s husband should have shut that shit down immediately.” —


“NTA. Am I getting this right? This guy called you a B-word to your face after ignoring a very basic and simple rule in your home for the hundredth time… and your husband is trying to play devil’s advocate?! Because f*ck that. You didn’t have a right to out his meal? He didn’t have a right to disrespect you, your cat, and your rules every time he was invited in and had food in his hands, yet he did. I don’t know what Steve’s problem is, but he should be banned from your house for good until he apologizes for the name-calling and learns how to behave like a functional human being and respect the pet owner’s rules. And your husband needs to check himself because he’s the one who should be banning him. How on earth does he think this guy’s behavior is in any way acceptable?” —


“NTA. Frankly though if your husband is regularly inviting someone into your home that blatantly disrespects your boundaries, and endangers your pet’s health, then he’s just as much TA as Steve is.” —


“NTA. If I were you, and Steve had just called me a bitch in my home, and my husband took his side, neither of them would be allowed back.” —

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*First Published: May 25, 2023, 1:26 pm