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Some Stores Are Now Guarding Their Ice Creams From The Threat Of Lickers

Ice cream lovers and supermarket workers everywhere are on high alert after an ice cream-licking incident in Texas went viral. While the teen from the original Blue Bell ice cream video won’t be arrested, as they are a minor, copycat criminal Lenise Martin III was picked up by police for pulling the same stunt on social media — turning the video into a full-fledged internet meme challenge.

Now, everyone is stepping up to protect the delicious treat from even more lickers lurking around the freezer aisle.

The Keller, Texas Public Safety Department posted a photo of two officers patrolling a freezer. Cpl. Clark and Officer Bryans are wearing their sunglasses indoors, so you know they mean business.

“The only Blue Bell Ice Cream being licked here in Keller this holiday weekend will be the kind you’ve already purchased,” they wrote, putting the fear of God into any would-be lickers. Thinking about sneaking a taste of cookies ‘n cream? You’ll have to get past this thin blue line first.

Elsewhere in Texas, a Walmart employee posed next to a freezer filled with the dessert treasure, holding a toy gun in a now-deleted Facebook post. “We’re guarding our Blue Bell ice cream for your weekend party,” they wrote, reports ABC-13 in Corpus Christi.

Still, others stores are locking up their ice cream freezers for the time being. Several Twitter users shared images of physical locks being used ad hoc to prevent licking, with instructions to see an employee for assistance. If you had “ice cream is now locked up like Tide Pods” on your 2019 bingo, congrats, you’ve won the prize.

Some folks wryly noted how an ice cream-kicking outbreak is now being met with restrictions — unlike, well, assault rifles.