There are few things on the Internet bringing people delight the way this very short story about a man with two cats has. In a Facebook group that’s called Purrtacular, a guy name Stanislav Zak shared a picture of two big, fat, sweet tuxedo cats staring up with longing. Perhaps at a treat? I don’t know. But they ARE purrtacular.

Alongside the picture Zak wrote, “Last month my cat disappeared. A week ago I found him and brought him home. Today my cat came back. Now I have two identical cats.”

The image was shared by comedian James Felton, who said a friend sent the screenshot to him and he “can’t think of anything else.”

Who could? Felton offered some theories on how this picture came into being: The Parent Trap, but cats, The Prestige but cats, Face Off but cats…etc.

Personally, my theory was Photoshop. These cats are just too similar to be real, and they have such a unique look and energy.

But then this guy convinced me this might be a true story by pointing out all the ways the cats are different. He makes a pretty good case for the cat owner being wild to not recognize his cat:

No one actually cares if it’s real or not. It’s too hilarious:

Incredibly, this seems to be something that has happened to other people many, many times:

Sadly, even more people end up burying the wrong cat and get to see their pet resurrected. Though that does mean someone somewhere else is missing their kitty:

I can’t imagine mistaking another cat for my cat, mainly because I don’t think my cat would mistake anyone else for me. There’s no way a strange cat could be as affectionate or trusting! But maybe I should go double-check that the animal sleeping on the couch is the one I know…

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*First Published: April 13, 2020, 6:51 am