Look, we can all openly acknowledge that we dislike people who take photos of their food. It was some of the first dumb internet behavior we all engaged in and collectively went — oh, no, this is so weird. But apparently some people missed that memo and u/CapitalMess100 is one of them.

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She recently posted to Reddit’s Am I The Asshole sub because her boyfriend ruined her Instagram photoshoot. Here’s her story.

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OP explains that she has an Instagram account where she posts snaps and short videos of food from local establishments.

I have an Instagram account dedicated to photos and short videos of food from local restaurants in my city.

It’s a small scale thing — just a handful of followers — and OP recognizes it as such. It’s just a hobby and there’s no full production. Just some snaps while she tries new restaurants.

I don’t turn meals into a whole photoshoot production when I go out, but I like to snap a few photos of everything as it comes out. I’ve got about 1000 followers, it’s just a hobby for me but I have made friends with some other bloggers and we like to go out and get pics together and try new restaurants.

OP also recognizes that her boyfriend hates it, so she tries to only go with her girlfriends. The BF’s behavior though…

I prefer doing this with my foodie girls because my boyfriend HATES it, and will go out of his way to take a big bite of food or mess up his plate with his fork before I can snap any pics, and he rolls his eyes when I take pics of my own food so I pretty much stopped bothering when we went out together.

Apparently when they go out, in order to stop his GF from taking photos, this guy intentionally messes the plate up — real mature, bud. Lately, OP hasn’t had a chance to eat out… except with her boyfriend.

Money has been tight lately because of some medical bills, so I haven’t been able to go out to eat with my foodie girls and the infrequent date with my boyfriend is the only chance I get to eat out.

She sat him down and told him she needed to enjoy things and would really appreciate 30 seconds for a photo if she was paying that night.

I had to sit him down and have a “Look, just let me enjoy things,” conversation with him and told him I was gonna take pics of my own food when we went out and could he please just not be immature about it. And since we alternate who pays for dates, I told him I would appreciate it if he could spare the 30 seconds for me to snap a pic of the appetizer + his meal on nights that I was paying, and I got a sort of half-hearted “do whatever you want” confirmation.

He was a little begrudging about it, but seemed to agree. This past weekend, OP paid and was able to get her appetizer photo. But the entree came and her boyfriend messed up his plate.

Sunday was my turn to pay, and he let me take a pic of the appetizer with minimal fussing. But then when the entrees came out, I went to snap a pic of his and he messed it up with his fork.

Then he went even further and messed up her plate too! OP then refused to pay for her boyfriend’s half of dinner and it got into a pissing match about who pays when and for what.

Then he reached over and stirred up MY pasta to also ruin the photo of my own meal! I was so pissed off by that that I refused to pay his half at the end of the meal, which pissed him off because he said he wouldn’t have ordered a cocktail if he knew that I was gonna skip my turn. He says I owe him one because I don’t get to just decide not to pay according to our agreement after we’ve already ordered.

As someone who came out of a relationship in which there was a clear tit for tat — I hate this. I hate this so much. You shouldn’t be negotiating terms with someone you date; you can have arrangements and agreements, but it’s not The Hague.

“NTA. Why are you even dating someone who clearly has no respect for you or your hobbies? Dump this asshole,” wrote in one Redditor.

Another saw exactly what I did, “Also the fact that he said “I wouldn’t have gotten a cocktail if I had to spend my own money” – like, if she’s got medical bills, maybe don’t waste HER money either. I hope she dumps him.”

Someone else said, “I don’t get people who go out of their way to actively ruin other peoples fun. He totally could’ve just started to eat HIS food. But to mess with yours is just not acceptable.”

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*First Published: May 24, 2023, 12:32 pm