Influencer’s Kid Gets “No Photos” Hoodies Printed To Protest Mom

Over in an AITA (Am I The A-hole) Reddit post, Reddit user @Anonymous6 said he was the son of an influencer mama whose influencing duties have gone too far. In fact, the kid said that he actually had hoodies that read ‘No Photos” made as a protest against his mother’s relentless use of him as influencer content.

The thing is, this shouldn’t be too shocking. In a world of influencers and mommy bloggers, kids are often used in content generated for brand partnerships or as a way to humanize a money-hungry influencer who wants to be relatable.

AITA? My mom is an influencer. I am sick of being a part of it, I had "NO PHOTOS" hoodies printed for me and my little sister. from AmItheAsshole

So what happens when an influencer’s kid doesn’t want to be part of her content anymore? What happens when that child decides they want, you know, privacy?

As the OP said, they want “No new pictures of me or mentions of me online. Remove all pictures that include me that you’ve ever posted. and delete any writing that mentions me.” This sounds like a big deal, but in the ever-changing (and sometimes nebulous) world of influencer work, privacy and consent matter hugely where children come into the mix.

Here’s what Reddit had to say about the situation. Most people voted — unsurprisingly — “NTA,” or ‘Not The A-hole.” The most common viewpoint? That the kids of influencers were being exploited for money:

Some Reddit users suggested the mom simply change the way she does things if she does want to continue posting about her kids (which still seems like something her child doesn’t want her to do). However, it may be a good idea for other influencers who aren’t sure how to navigate privacy and social media:

Others posited that mom could use this as a turning point in her social media coverage. A solid idea:

Others asked a good question: What happens when being a mom isn’t her sole focus anymore? What will she do then?

But an even better idea came from a Reddit user who suggested the kid make their own blog or at least start speaking out on the topic. Now, that would be interesting — and would probably lead to an uprising:

People were all about the hoodie idea. One person even offered to pay for the kid to get hoodies in other colors:

People got to the topic of research and legislation around child consent and privacy (and the effects of the lack thereof) very quickly:

People also talked about the inherent issues of posting about adopted kids or kids with disabilities:

In the end, the OP said he feels like his mother will never obey his requests: