Report Concludes Luxury Hotels In NYC Aren’t Changing Sheets Or Cleaning Rooms

If for some wildly unfathomable reason, you’re thinking that traveling during the coronavirus outbreak is suddenly a good idea, you might want to think twice before staying in a high-end hotel.

Inside Edition decided to put three luxury hotels in New York City to the test after hearing them promise that rooms were being cleaned extra-thoroughly due to the pandemic. 

In each of the rooms, they used a washable spray to paint the show’s logo on the sheets, a pillowcase, and towels, and then used a similarly washable gel to coat commonly touched surfaces such as the TV remote, thermostat, bathroom fixtures, and tables. Both the paint and gel were only visible under special UV lights.

The crew then made sure the space looked slept in, checked out, and checked into the same hotel rooms again the following day under a new name.

Every single hotel failed the test.

The sheets and pillowcase weren’t changed at the Hyatt Place in Times Square, though the table surface was at least wiped down.

Also in Times Square, the Hampton Inn failed the sheet test, and several surfaces, including the thermostat and desk, weren’t wiped down either.

And finally, while the Trump International Hotel near Central Park did appear to have changed the sheets, the paint was still present on the pillowcase and several surfaces. 

While Hampton and Hyatt offered up apologies and a promise to investigate, the manager at the Trump hotel fled upon seeing the camera crew, and, true to the President’s brand, the hotel subsequently released a statement claiming that Inside Edition was lying about the entire situation.

“Following an internal review, we have concluded that the claims made by Inside Edition are categorically false,” the statement reads. “Trump International Hotel & Tower New York is one of the premier luxury hotels anywhere in the world and has received countless accolades, including the Forbes Five-Star award for the past 13 years, for its consistently impeccable service.”

It seems like Kellyanne Conway’s teen daughter certainly had the right idea when she told everyone on TikTok to leave one-star reviews on Trump Hotel properties. Ew.