Trump Said Iran Made ‘A Very Big Mistake’ With Drone Attack. Then Putin Chimed In.

Trump and his administration have been laser-focused on Iran lately as they search and prod for any reason to keep up the endless war in the Middle East. Today, everyone is abuzz about a U.S. drone plane that was shot down by Iran’s defense. Now there’s a big argument over whether the drone was in Iranian airspace or not. Iran says it was, the U.S. says it wasn’t, let’s call the whole thing off.

Donald Trump initially responded with a vague yet threatening tweet.

This could easily be interpreted in a threatening tone, yet White House reporters are saying that he may have meant it literally.

According to CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins, Trump seems to be backing off of this incident, saying that the drone was shot down over international waters and pointing out that drones do not contain people.

What’s with the sudden pivot? Oh wait, Vladimir Putin responded to the incident and told Trump to back off?

That’s… good? What’s worse, war with Iran or the fact that our President’s entire foreign policy is subject to the whim of the President of Russia?

Either way, the White House has already invited “congressional leaders” to the Situation Room this afternoon to discuss what happened. Meetings in the Situation Room are not what you want if you don’t want to go to war.

Plus, many conservatives are still wanting to run with this drone-shooting thing as an excuse for war, clearly.

Others are speculating whether or not the Trump administration is looking for any excuse to start a war with Iran because presidential poll numbers almost always go up when we start yet another war (at least, that’s the conventional wisdom), and, obviously, there’s an election coming up. In fact, who was it who was so concerned that former President Barack Obama was going to start a war with Iran to help his reelection campaign? Oh yeah.

There’s always a tweet.

But even though Obama didn’t do it, many presidents have overseen administrations that clearly escalated aggression against countries they wanted to invade and then when said countries defend themselves, call them the aggressors and use it as an excuse for war. Educated people are not falling for it.

Too bad there are so many poorly-educated people in this country. But maybe Putin will save us from another war? Man, this timeline is weird.