“We Will Send The Police Over With Flamethrowers”—Frustrated Italian Mayors Berate Quarantine Breakers In Viral Video

We are in the middle of a serious pandemic and it’s all because people are going outside when they’re not supposed to. These Italian Mayors are sick of it.

So far, Italy has been one of the countries hit hardest by COVID-19. As of this writing, there have been 63,927 cases and 6,077 deaths recorded in Italy. Recently, the country has seen a downfall in recorded cases. In order to keep cases down, people are being encouraged and required to stay home across the globe. The problem with that is a lot of people are not listening, and it’s making a lot of people angry. Specifically, Italian mayors.

Twitter user @protectheflames uploaded a video of Italian mayors pushed to their absolute breaking points because their constituents are not listening.

The full quote is:

“I saw a fellow citizen amiably jog up and down the street, accompanied by a dog that was visibly worn out. I stopped and told him, ‘Look, this isn’t a film. You are not Will Smith in I Am Legend. So, you have to go home.”

Really great advice.

And they went off about the best stuff. Really. There was no shortage of imagination here.

Other choice quotes include:

“Where the fuck are you all going? You and your dogs… which must have an inflamed prostate?”
-Massimiliano Presciutti, the mayor of Reggio Calabria

“I’m getting news that some [people] would like to throw graduation parties. We will send police. With flame-throwers.”
-Vincenzo De Luca, the president of Campania

“Getting in mobile hairdressers? What the fuck is that for? Who the fuck is supposed to even see you with your hair all done in a casket? Do you understand the casket will be closed?”
Antonio Tutolo, the mayor of Lucera

After the tweet went viral, OP came back with a part two.

My favorite is the mayor who got riled up about runners.