Worlds collide: For once, Star Wars pedants are dragging someone online who deserves it instead of Brie Larson. Ivanka Trump posted a picture of herself all dressed up with Jared Kushner. Her kid is also dressed up—as a Stormtrooper. It’s a very weird little tableau in their creepy living room. He is completely cover. Could be someone else’s kid. Who knows.

She captioned it, inexplicably, with the words, “The Force is strong in my family.”

What?! Is this a troll?

Even if her kid and everyone else in the picture were dressed up as Jedi knights, this would be a troll, because the Force is only strong in the Trump family if that’s a euphemism for fascism. You are the regime, honey. The Rebellion would be against you. The Empire is your dad and his White House full of sycophantic Darksiders. I guess it just goes to say that even the worst people in history still see themselves as the heroes in movies. Trump probably thinks he is Han Solo, but with bigger hands.

As it is, this is so spectacularly wrong in every way, it’s almost funny. But people are mostly expressing their rage, including the original Jedi, Luke Skywalker:

“You misspelled ‘Fraud,'” he wrote, adding, “#GoForceYourself.”

Kind of a weird hashtag, but we get what he means.

Getting dragged by Mark Hamill would be enough to send even the most casual Star Wars fan scurrying into a shame hole. The entire Internet soon joined him, however, to further remind Ivanka exactly who the “Force” was for and who the Stormtroopers were. Finally, this information is coming in handy:

Fans of the Trumps are saying the online backlash is an attack on the kid for liking Star Wars. It’s not—he can love Star Wars as much as anyone, even if he’s never going to be taught the actual point of the series. Destroy fascist regimes, show love to all, use the Force, which connects all living things, for good.

Maybe someday he’ll rebel.

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*First Published: September 30, 2019, 5:58 am