Ivanka Trump pretending to work

Ivanka Trump Gets Mocked For Working From Home Photos Posted To Twitter

Ivanka Trump has been hard at work pretending to work in recent months, taking credit for projects like the Farmers to Families Food Box, making speeches to cameras surrounded by boxes on tables with some fruit and vegetables scattered about while her dad stands in the corner and looks bored. At least she wears a mask sometimes.

Her latest pet project seems to be the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board that claims to be helping people “upskill & reskill,” which appears to be corporate-speak for learning how to use Zoom since everybody who can is working from home now. Ivanka even posted photos of herself on Twitter having a Zoom meeting about “exciting, new & innovative platforms the private sector has created to upskill & reskill our Nation’s workforce.”


Unfortunately for her, people could help but notice a variety of odd details in the photos that might lend further credence to theories that she’s never done any actual work in her life.

First of all, what is the deal with the cheap laptop stacked on top of some books? It looks like it was borrowed from an unpaid intern. If her dad is really a billionaire, shouldn’t she be able to afford a decent computer and maybe a laptop stand?

Then there’s the table behind her, which is completely covered in standing frame photos so that you can’t see most of them. The one that is most visible in the second photo, however, is one of Ivanka herself looking like she’s in outer space. Nothing inspires innovation and hard work like photos of yourself sitting behind you at all times, right?

Mostly, however, people are just tired of the photoshoots, no matter how haphazard and weird they may be, and wish she would do some actual work if she’s going to take up White House resources.

It might be better to actually do nothing, Ivanka.