Melania Trump speaking at a campaign event for her husband in 2015
Photo via The White House/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 3.0)

Some Conservatives Are Upset Melania Trump Isn’t On More Magazine Covers

Conservatives like actor James Woods are confused and angry that Melania Trump hasn’t been on more fashion magazine covers since her husband became president. Woods blames the “shameless bias of the liberal mainstream media” for not featuring who he considers to be “the most stunning First Lady in American history.”

Other conservatives jumped on board the complain train, wondering why Melania hasn’t been on the cover of publications like Vogue and Elle when Michelle Obama landed a total of 12 cover stories during her time as First Lady. Of course, if these magazines really do harbor a liberal bias as Woods and others have claimed, then why would they feature the wife of Donald Trump?

Maybe conservatives need their own fashion magazine?

Or, maybe, as many pointed out, you actually need to do something or have something interesting to say in order to be on a magazine cover. Fashion magazines don’t just put you on the cover and leave it at that. Cover stories are supposed to come with in-depth interviews with the subject — something that Melania has always shied away from.

Others pointed out that she was on some fashion covers before she married Donald Trump, and some of them might be considered unbecoming of the First Lady.

Still, many commenters remained very upset that Melania has been left out of the spotlight. Some have even boycotted designer clothing altogether.

Liberal commenters, meanwhile, were quick to go for the obvious joke.

And some had additional explanations as to why magazines don’t want to feature Melania.

Get a job, James Woods.