Woman Mocked For Her Overreaction To Wuhan Coronavirus

You’re probably aware of the Wuhan coronavirus, if not from the media coverage then from the many memes floating around out there and spreading like viruses themselves. People like to get freaked out about contagious diseases from other countries while at the same time refusing to vaccinate their own kids against measles. The coronavirus is serious, but not yet on par with the danger of many other viruses currently circulating around the U.S., where more people have died in the states from influenza in the past year than have died from coronavirus in China.

I only mention this because it seems like everyone is losing their mind. The center of the outbreak seems to be in Wuhan, so it’s understandable that people living there are being extremely cautious. Citizens from other countries are being evacuated, including those from the U.S. CNN reported that 200 people were flying from Wuhan to California and being kept in quarantine until cleared by officials. A reasonable safety precaution, right? Well, I’ll tell you who is not being reasonable: Jesicca.

Twitter jokester @TheSocietyDude screenshot a woman’s response to the CNN story which was, essentially, “kill ’em all.”

Jessica Thompson wrote, “Shoot the plane down. This virus is spreading faster than we can deal with it. We have to ACT NOW! For all of America and for our children.”

There are some children on that flight, for the record, but I guess this Mama Bear only cares about her own cubs.

Someone else screenshot another response supposedly from Jessica, in which someone dryly reminded her that shooting down a civilian aircraft is a crime. She replied, “Well the virus isn’t going anywhere if we let it spread carelessly. Sacrifices MUST be made it must be stopped NOW.”

Most people seem to find Jesicca’s bloodlust funny, though it is wild how quickly fear escalates. There are even people in the comments who seem to relate to her thirst for deadly action, though most were thankfully shut down by more reasonable minds:

Look, it’s possible the coronavirus will spread, but the CDC is probably better equipped to make tactical decisions about stopping that from happening than a woman who gets all her medical information from Facebook posts. Rocket launcher does not equal quarantine, lady.