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Jimmy Kimmel Mashed Up Obama’s Bin Laden Death Speech With Trump’s Baghdadi Ramblings

On Monday night, Jimmy Kimmel shared a mash-up of the speech former President Barack Obama gave after U.S. Special Forces found and killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in 2011, and Donald Trump’s announcement on Sunday that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had been killed in a military operation in Syria.

Obama’s speech was a big moment in people’s memories, coming a decade after 9/11, and his statement was seemingly scripted, covering how bin Laden was found and touching on specifics of the operation. It lasted about nine minutes.

In comparison, Trump spent 48 minutes talking about al-Baghdadi, riffing off the cuff about how he “died like a dog” and mentioning his plans to write some books about it all, thanked Russia and China, compared this moment to Obama (not in Obama’s favor, of course), and just kinda blabbed some nonsense for filler.

Kimmel’s team selected the best moments to compare, and it’s both hilarious and tragic:

I mean, c’mon. This guy. What is up with his focus on dogs?

People watching the mashup were transported to a better time, when the President at least knew how to not be a national embarrassment who gets booed en masse at baseball games. But then they awoke, in the current era, where the orange emperor still reigns. Cruel reality!

Trump can barely handle acting like a normal human being for five minutes. The fact that he’s in charge of delivering serious news to the public is a horrible joke on all of us. He does it like a dog: lots of noise and very little meaning.