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John Boyega Responds To People Upset For Saying He “Hates Racists” After George Floyd Death

Lead Star Wars actor John Boyega accidentally sent out an invitation for racists to come out of the closet all over his social media accounts when he tweeted out what should have been a simple and universal sentiment: “I really f***ing hate racists.” In spite of the fact that he did not specify race in this five-word tweet, many took this as a personal attack and in doing so, admitted to the world that they are racist.

After that, Boyega did specify that his tweet was in response to the killing of George Floyd that occurred when a white cop knelt on the man’s neck for several minutes, cutting off the blood flow to his brain. When more people complained and criticized him for daring to be angry about the kind of racism that directly threatens his life, he posted a video on Instagram ripping into these racists.

“Of course there’s other forms of racism,” he said, referring to common derailing tactic used by racists online. “But a black man was just murdered in cold blood, in the streets, Stateside, again, while saying that he can’t breathe. That’s a continuous cycle going on.”


The actor went on to warn his fans that he wouldn’t be intimidated into silence and that anyone caught saying anything racist on his social accounts would be immediately blocked.

“If you’re a fan of me and you support my work and you’re racist and you’re arguing with what I was saying, f*** off. You f***ing d***heads.”

Boyega has been increasingly outspoken about social issues, particularly since the latest Star Wars trilogy finished. He posted a number of tributes to George Floyd on his Twitter account as well as retweets from other Black individuals decrying “All Lives Matter” hashtags.

He got plenty of support from better fans and other celebrities for standing up to racists, as well as from his mother.

Thank you for being you, John Boyega.