Angry Guy “Protesting” Juneteenth Emancipation Celebration Gets Escorted Away

Friday was Juneteenth, and people gathered all over to celebrate the occasion, which has not yet been made an official federal holiday. Few are taught about Juneteenth in public school, but it is a well-known day in Texas and amongst Black communities. It celebrates the day the Union army came to Galveston and announced federal orders declaring all enslaved people in Texas were now free. They arrived in 1865, two years after the Emancipation Proclamation.

This year, Juneteenth obviously has even greater significance than usual, as protests organized by and for the Black Lives Matter movement have been taking place all over the country. The murder of Minneapolis man George Floyd by Police Officer Derek Chauvin created a long boiling level of outrage over state violence to overflow. People everywhere have been rising up to demand the police be defunded and for that money to be reinvested in the community. It has led to many types of demonstrations, but Juneteenth was in many places a day of community building and connection.

That was the case in Dorchester, Massachusetts, as well. Peaceful gatherers came to a rally to discuss social justice, the end of mass incarceration, and liberation. Unfortunately, reporter Kirsten Glavin tweeted that Trump-supporters and white supremacist protestors showed up to disrupt the event:

Glavin calls them “counter-protestors,” but it’s not entirely accurate to call Juneteenth celebrants protestors, even if many of them may have been protesting elsewhere in recent weeks. Boston News reports that MA Governor Charlie Baker declared June 19 as “Juneteenth Independence Day” early on Friday, so even if this weren’t already a recognized day of cultural meaning, it is an official holiday in the state.

The actual protestors at this Juneteenth celebration are these creeps showing up to support cops and chant “All Lives Matter,” and what they’re actually protesting…is the end of slavery. So they’re really showing their whole agenda out in the open like that, as many pointed out. And Dorchester has been doing this for a long time:

Luckily, in this instance, the police of Dorchester actually did their jobs and escorted a few of the rowdiest racist protestors away. Much more gently than we’ve been seeing at other protests, it seems. And the celebration continued, even including a visit from Rep. Ayanna Pressley:

The celebration will go on, just like the protests.