“Where You At, Soldier?“—People Are Trolling “Kent State Gun Girl” With WW3 Draft Jokes

Kaitlin Bennett is famous for one thing: loving guns. Maybe that’s too simplistic. She’s famous for loving guns and being vocal on social media. Bennett appeared in viral photos carrying an AR-10 rifle at Kent State University after graduating. Kent State is the site of a shameful moment in American history where student war protestors were fatally shot by the Ohio Army National Guard. Bennett has actually cited the student deaths as a reason why she should be permitted to carry a rifle on campus, but most people found it to be a pretty distasteful display.

The gun-rights advocate has moved on to work for Infowars and other fringe conservative outlets, organizing open carry rallies and gun events. Bennett is now known as Kent State Gun Girl, and when the news of Donald Trump’s ordered assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani came out, a lot of people were wondering where she was at.

Word War III meme poured in, and so did questions about Bennett’s whereabouts. Shouldn’t Bennett be at the front of the enlisting line, with her assault rifle? That’s what a viral tweet from user @kcd134 suggested, and people were quick to pick up on the idea:

Another popular tweet from @itsstilltru shared Bennett’s famous photos, and wrote, “finally it’s YOUR time to shine wya soldier?”

Twitter wants to know where she’s at now that jokes about war abound:

Her Twitter mentions are also being flooded with comments, as people hope for an official statement from this 2A-supporter who claims she’s all about America:

Kaitlin Bennett is likely safe from any draft that would arise in a war. In fact, it wouldn’t be too surprising to hear she’s been walking around on flat feet this whole time, or maybe has a classic Donald Trump bone spur that will keep her out of the fray. For her, guns are more like props than the weapon of a soldier.