Kanye West continues to blow up his life — and I am reminded of something friends and mental health professionals alike have always said: mental illness is never your fault, but it is your responsibility to take care of yourself. Also, mental illness does not excuse anti-Semitic, racist, homophobic, or sexist words and actions.

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This man clearly needs help and to take accountability for the damage he is causing, but instead he went to Adidas headquarters and harassed executives over there by showing them porn on his phone.

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According to a 30-minute YouTube video called “LAST WEEK”, West was accompanied by two of his representatives at a meeting with Adidas executives. The video shows them apparently in a meeting, but the faces are blurred except for West’s. They are sitting on stools inside an empty room. Then, West holds his phone for the businessmen while a video seems to play.

After several seconds, one of the men asks, “Is this a porn movie?”

West says, “Yeah.”

“Jesus Christ,” one of them says.

The men seem very uncomfortable, but West continues to make them watch the video.

“Come on, man. Come on,” one of the guys finally says, moving West’s arm away from him.

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West apparently had a point in sexually harassing these men. West said the meaning of showing them the porn movie was to make connections between the plot and West’s business dealings with Adidas (Adidas handles manufacturing and distribution of the Yeezy brand).

“I’m only gonna work with Adidas if he’s the CEO,” West said, pointing to one of his team members. “You guys have done wrong by the company, by the business and by the partnership,” he went on. “The whole concept of this video is that the guy had cheated, so then the girl was like, ‘Well then I’m going to do the thing that’s your worst nightmare.'”

“This is your worst nightmare,” he said, looking directly at the execs. “Your worst nightmare is not me hitting you. Your worst nightmare is not me playing the porn. Your worst nightmare is not me screaming. We’ve done all this.”

Then Kanye points to the man he wants as CEO. “That’s your worst nightmare.” Pointing to his other team member, he adds, “And then worst nightmare No. 2.”


One of West’s liaisons added, “What you’re feeling right now is extreme discomfort, and that is exactly the point because when someone steals this man’s ideas, his creations, it’s like you’re stealing a child. These are all children of his mind, and you’ve kidnapped them.” This references West’s thoughts that Adidas stole his designs and made their own products with those designs.

Instead of being like, “GET THE F*CK OUT OF HERE AND GO GET HELP” the CEOs said that they could “do a lot better” with how they work with West and his team.

God, money is such a thing.

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While the partnership is still intact, Adidas did in fact announce that its partnership with West was under review when the rapper wrote a “White Lives Matter” T-shirt at a fashion show.


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*First Published: October 11, 2022, 9:58 am