Amidst all the drama he’s stirring up in Kim Kardashian’s life as of late, Kanye West is now attempting to block his ex from being legally declared single ahead of their divorce being finalized.

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Kardashian filed for divorce last February, but hammering out the details in front of the court has yet to happen. As such, her lawyers requested in December that she be legally declared single prior to those happenings, as working out custody and splitting belongings with West is expected to drag on for some time.

West’s lawyers have thrown a wrench in things as of last week, however, requesting that the motion be denied so that she can refile and address certain requests.

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“Terminating marital status before custody, property, and support issues are resolved creates a risk of adverse consequences,” they argued. “This is especially true if one of the parties were to pass away while the case is pending. An early termination of status also creates barriers to obtaining evidence if a party remarries before the case is concluded.”

While this seems somewhat reasonable on the surface, when taken in the greater context of West constantly disparaging Kim’s new boyfriend, Pete Davidson, and her parenting skills in the public eye, all while claiming he’s desperate to win her back, it’s difficult not to read it as just another concerning bid for control over her life.

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West’s very public harassment of his ex, her new boyfriend, and his daughter have sparked an ongoing conversation about manipulative and controlling behavior, as more and more people come to see the rapper’s outbursts for what they are.

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A hearing regarding Kardashian’s request to be declared single is scheduled for early March.

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*First Published: February 21, 2022, 7:45 am