Another “Karen” Coughs In Manager’s Face After Being Denied Dine-In Service

No matter how high the worldwide death toll rises or how much we learn about the potentially devastating impact COVID-19 still has on those who live through it, some people are still determined to go about business as usual with no regard for their own safety or that of others. It’s disturbing to see, and frustrating to know that people are really selfish enough that they’ve got no problem risking lives just to get a haircut or grab a beer.

A video currently making the rounds shows one woman who got so angry at being turned away for dine-in service at a local bar that she retaliated in what has become one of the strangest yet most terrifying ways one can retaliate in 2020 — going up and coughing in the someone’s face.

The incident reportedly happened back in March, in Sydney, Australia. At the time, bars were still allowed to operate, but they were only allowing 25 people inside at a time so that proper distancing could be maintained as best as possible. But this particular Karen allegedly removed a sign from one of the tables that was closed off and sat down anyway.

A fellow customer, Andy Jones, said he pointed out to the woman that the table was closed and she told him to mind his own business. Things escalated, and that’s when he began filming the encounter.

“Management came over, and asked them either to move or to leave, and she tipped the drink all over the table and walked up to my husband and coughed in his face,” Jones said.

Coughing is basically considered a threat now.

Coughing in somebody’s face is disgusting enough on a good day, but during a time when a respiratory disease with no cure or vaccine is sweeping through the world, it can obviously be deadly.

In April, a bus driver in Detroit died a few weeks after sharing a video complaining about a passenger on his bus coughing.

Earlier this month, a London transit worker died when she came down with COVID-19 after a man claiming to be infected coughed and spit in her face.

And an 18-year-old in Texas was arrested and charged with “terroristic threats” after posting videos to Snapchat claiming she had tested positive for COVID-19 and went around trying to spread it in public places.

While the woman in Sydney didn’t claim to be infected with the coronavirus, with so many asymptomatic carriers, and the ability to spread the virus prior to displaying any symptoms, the incident was still concerning.

“We don’t know if that lady has got the virus or not,” Jones said at the time. “So, we’ve got to watch my husband now very carefully.”

People online obviously didn’t have a very high opinion of Karen’s selfish behavior.

And the fact that many commenters just assumed this must have been in America is pretty telling.

No follow up on the incident seems to have been shared online, so hopefully Karen was just a regular jerk and not an infected-with-COVID-19 jerk. Either way: don’t be like Karen.