Angry “Karen” Shouts Racist Slurs At People Gathered For George Floyd Event

A racist old white woman infiltrated a Virginia ceremony honoring George Floyd and was kicked out after she started yelling racist slurs at attendees.

People gathered near a state of Robert E. Lee in Richmond on Tuesday afternoon in preparation to see a 3D hologram of George Floyd projected over the statue of the Confederate general later that night.

But one woman came into the area to cause trouble. 

“Racist bleach demon infiltrates MPD Circle while the family of George Floyd is having a ceremony,” Mikhail Smith wrote on Instagram. “She was about to get her ass beat by a crowd of Richmonders before someone stepped in to try to get her out safely. She then assaulted the person trying to get her to safety.”

That’s where the viral 30 second clip picks up, with people trying to corral the woman, who doesn’t appear to have been wearing pants, towards the entrance of the barricaded area as Mikhail records.

The woman first curses and screeches that she’s on public property.

“This is MY city!” she screams.

“You’re a racist. Leave,” Mikhail tells her.

At that point, she drops the n-word, and Mikhail demands that she leave.

Video captured of the same encounter from a different angle goes on a little further to show that the woman continued screaming slurs even as a Black woman in a reflective vest escorted her away from the altercation and over to a car where a white man was waiting for her.

And footage of the events leading up to the possibly pantsless woman being ejected from the area shows that she was, in fact, walking around screaming the n-word before people demanded she leave.

The hologram was successfully projected over the state later that night, with members of Floyd’s family in attendance.

“A Monumental Change: The George Floyd Hologram Memorial Project” will continue traveling throughout southern states to project the hologram over additional Confederate statues.

“Since the death of my brother George, his face has been seen all over the world,” Floyd’s brother, Rodney, said in a statement. “The hologram will allow my brother’s face to be seen as a symbol for change in places where change is needed most.”