49ers’ Katie Sowers Will Be The First Female And Openly Gay Coach At The Super Bowl

The San Francisco 49ers’ offensive assistant coach Katie Sowers has worked for the NFL team since 2017. Now she’s headed to the Super Bowl, as the 49ers get ready to play the Kansas City Chiefs on Feb. 2. It’s a big accomplishment for any coach, but Sowers’ road to the Super Bowl is historic.

Katie Sowers will not only be the first female coach at a Super Bowl, but also the first openly gay person to coach at a Super Bowl. (This is what the kids like to call “intersectional feminism.”) Additionally, Sowers is the first openly gay coach in the NFL.

Football has always been a part of Sowers’ life. The 33-year-old athlete started playing football at eight years old and went on to play for the Women’s Football Alliance. She started her NFL career in 2016, when she was a coach at the Atlanta Falcons training camp. Four years later, she’s on her way to the Super Bowl.

In fact, you may recognize Sowers from a popular commercial.

People were thrilled for Sowers and her historic moment.

Sowers even got approval from iconic barrier breaker, Billie Jean King.

“By standing out and proud as the first-ever openly gay NFL coach in a Super Bowl, Katie Sowers not only shows LGBTQ athletes and fans what’s possible for them, but also shows the sport world as a whole that LGBTQ people are a valuable part of this community,” Joanna Hoffman, director of communications at the national LGBTQ athletic advocacy group Athlete Ally, said in an emailed statement.

Congratulations, Katie!