Man sitting and eating close to a brawl and meme

Man Calmly Eating His Kebab While Watching Restaurant Brawl Becomes A Meme

Video of a group brawl in the middle of a kebab shop is spreading online, but not because of the fight itself. Instead, people are fixated on the man in the foreground who continues sitting at his table and calmly eating his food while he watches upwards of seven or eight people grappling, shouting, and throwing punches while another bystander films.

The video was posted on Friday by Beth Deakin of Portsmouth, England. It’s unclear if she was the one who took the video, but the fight appears to have taken place in Ken’s Kebabs, which is located in the same town.

The man, identified as Chris Hill by the Daily Mail, spends the entirety of the 57-second video sitting and visibly chewing while holding his phone and reportedly listening to Capital Radio through his headphones. As people rush right past him to join the fight and end up wrestling on the other side of the table he’s sitting at, Hill does not once express any tension or concern, at one point looking away from the nearby brawl to look back at his phone.

“I thought about moving at one point but I was enjoying my kebab and chips,” he said, “although the chips weren’t very nice.”

Naturally, the juxtaposition of the chaos of the brawl with the utterly unimpressed bystander has become top-notch meme material.

Thanks for the prime meme fodder, Chris.